Recurring Donors Make us Sing!

Whether you can give $10 or $500 your recurring gift can be set once and never thought of again! Plus we will literally sing you a song if you sign up during our current campaign!

  • All Donors: Our email newsletter and quarterly performance reviews.
  • $10 monthly: A Brutal Bear song written about you (quality not guaranteed!).
  • $25 monthly: A free digital download of Brutal Bear's album "Free to Fail" OR the actual CD, if you’re old school!
  • $50 monthly: A loaf of Catherine's famous bread.
  • $100 monthly: A meal for 5, catered by one of our neighbors.

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Garden Box

In a SoCe Life Garden Box friendships grow. When you buy a SoCe Life Garden box you are also purchasing one for a household unable to purchase their own.  Our only request is that your box is placed in the front yard so that while tending your plants you can also strike up conversation with your neighbors.  For $100 you get one, give one, grow food, and friendship! CLICK HERE to Learn More.

Garden Box
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