Welcome to SoCe Life! 

What if we knew our neighbors by name? What if we knew what our neighbors were good at? What if folks could share their gifts with the people who lived nearby? 

At SoCe Life, these questions aren't hypothetical--they are guiding questions. And most importantly as we've lived into the answers to those questions we've discovered that the world looks a whole lot brighter! We live and work in SoCe (short for South Central, Wichita). And what we do is celebrate the gifts and abilities of our neighbors. 

In a world full of bad news, scarcity and fear, we are finding that knowing the neighbors on our street can be joyful, helpful, and an expression of abundance! This is SoCe Life, and we would love for you to be a part of it. 

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Garden Box

In a SoCe Life Garden Box friendships grow. When you buy a SoCe Life Garden box you are also purchasing one for a household unable to purchase their own.  Our only request is that your box is placed in the front yard so that while tending your plants you can also strike up conversation with your neighbors.  For $100 you get one, give one, grow food, and friendship! CLICK HERE to Learn More.

Garden Box
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